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As we continue to grow and incorporate new things into our designs at L&M, we have found a new love for Google SketchUp. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a 3D modeling program that assists in creating something as simple as a pencil to as large and dynamic as world’s tallest building. After constructing a house in SketchUp, it can be used as is, or even to help with perspective drawings. It can be used with different plug-ins (SU Podium) to create photo-realistic renderings. It can even be used to create a video walk through to create the whole experience before we even implement a design. The possibilities seem limitless! We are excited to start learning and integrating this program into some of our design work to help with design conceptualization in true 3D. Here are some examples of what SketchUp can do. These were done by our intern Emily Richards as some of her school project work. They were completed with Google SketchUp and the SU Podium plug-in.

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