Two in One: Designer and Builder

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When you decide to build a house, your next step is often contacting a long list of contractors and interior designers to find those you want to design and build your home. What if I told you this list could be cut in half? Many home buyers don’t know that there are interior designers who are also licensed contractors. Having a contractor who doubles as your interior designer offers much more than simplifying the search process. These two fields of expertise married into one team will simplify your entire home building experience from the foundation to the feng shui.

Finding the perfect pair of contractors and designers to customize your new construction can be hit-or-miss. Contractors and designers work very differently for the same project. They depend on one another, so communication is key. However, if this is not practiced by one or both parties, frustration will rise, mistakes will be made, and the timeline for your build is extended. Communication, differing ideas, and personalities can cause dissension among your professionals and unnecessary stress and delays on your project. One great thing is that some designers will hire a contractor for you, and you don’t have to worry about finding both experts yourself, but the same issues can arise in communication, vision, and collegiality.

All of these issues may arise when two separate companies have to work together. No matter what level of professionalism, there is always a possibility for miscommunication and misunderstandings. However, when these two parties are wrapped into one, these problems are eliminated. When these two professionals become one, the result is a more knowledgeable, creative, and whole understanding and view of a project.

The mind of a contractor integrated with the mind of an interior designer creates, if you will, a home building superhero. A contracting designer is an expert in both fields and offers a uniquely unified perspective and prevents problems that separate contractors and designers frequently encounter. Contractors and designers view a project very differently. A contractor will take the design plans you provide or select and build it. You provide the plan, and they do the work. A designer assists you in designing, decorating, and furnishing your home. They are conceptual artists. They will make suggestions, help you shop, arrange, and design a functional and beautiful home unique to you. Merge these two views together and you get the contracting designer. They can envision your home completely finished, visualize potential issues and flaws in structure that could affect your interior plans, and creatively solve these problems. Design plans, custom materials, measurement specifications, and functionality for your home won’t have the chance to be lost in translation or confused from designer to contractor. The misunderstandings that occur between an independent contractor and an independent designer are often the result of one not knowing all that encompasses the work of the other, and with a contracting designer this cause is completely eliminated.

Working with one team of professionals rather than two independent companies allows for clear and consistent communication and complete customization of your home. You will only contact one team for both structural and design inquiries and concerns. Their expertise in structural work and interior design will save you from many design plan revisions. They will help you figure out what kind of home and design you want, what will work for your lifestyle and incorporate elements and styles you love. For the best  home building experience, find one interior designing licensed contractor to work alongside you from the first consultation to your home’s final touch.

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