decorating as a science. turning a space into a scene.



decorating as a science. turning a space into a scene.

Furniture, rugs, drapery, artwork, and accessories transform a house into a home. Many clients come to us after purchasing a new home with the need for new
furnishings, while others, have been in their home for some time and need to refresh existing furniture.

If you’re already working with us on a renovation or new construction home our designers are taking furniture into consideration for a complete design aesthetic. The L&M difference is our designers listen to your family’s needs and design tastes and create a unique design plan for you.

It’s not just about beautiful interiors but how the gathering spaces work for your needs! Because we offer such an assortment of furniture lines, we are able to give our clients access to high-end furniture at a client discounted price.

designed for progress

step 1.

Initial complimentary consultation in our showroom to discuss your design goals and furnishing needs. We will also ask about your style and needs for you and your family.


Sign the design services contract if you are not already working with us on your renovation or new construction project.


We will field measure your existing spaces or work from construction plans if your home is still under construction. At this time we will also measure any existing furniture you would like to incorporate into the design.


L&M designers will select all pieces of furniture, fabrics, rugs, art, and accessories to present to you.



The fun part is seeing all of it come together in a presentation at our showroom! We’ll present you with digital design boards of the complete design and samples of all of the beautiful fabrics, rugs, and materials to be used in your home.


Approve the design or ask for re-selects.


Estimate the entire design including installation for a turn-key price.


Installation Day! You’ll feel like you’re on a home reality show as our installers transform your home with the beautiful design you’ve always dreamed about! Enjoy!

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