Happy 2013!

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We all have New Year’s Resolutions. People make resolutions of all types. I know some of mine in the past have ranged from exercising daily, keeping the house straightened and studying the Bible more often. Not one of us is perfect, although some of us think we are 😉 but the truth is: We all have room to improve ourselves.

At L&M, we are always looking at ways to improve ourselves personally and professionally. I get so busy with the ins and outs of every day life that I forget to share with all of you our wonderful designs and ideas. So this year I have decided to be a better blogger. Sounds kind-of silly right? Well maybe it is, but this is my first “real” blog entry. Maybe you can help keep me accountable.

We received some new fabrics in our office yesterday. Thought you might be interested in seeing some of the new prints and colors: Do you see anything you like? Crystal 🙂




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