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They say that Christmas is the season of hustle and bustle.  If that is the case then consider it still Christmas at L&M!   To say that things have been busy would be quite the understatement that I am not about to let happen.  Therefore I will attempt to describe to you all of the business that we have been trying to catch hold just to stay on top!  And I won’t even begin to go into depth of our personal lives and the fact that we have a friend getting married, a sister-in-law freshly engaged, and a best friend’s sister’s wedding to help coordinate!!!   I will only tell you about furniture, drapery, and renovations.  After all that is what we do, and that is why you are reading this.  Am I right? 

2011.  Two thousand eleven!  And we have 2,011 things to do!  Don’t get me wrong; we are not complaining.  In fact, we more than enjoy all of the homes that come our way pleading for a little boost in the right direction.  From a 1920’s home in a college town to a traditional older home in the quiet town of Opelika, we see it all.  From a kitchen face lift covering 1,200 sq ft to  renovations of 6,000 sq ft we are doing it all.  From filling sunrooms with cozy furniture to polishing off new homes with exquisite drapery, we are overseeing it all. 

It is the new year and most people are cramming into gyms to begin their new years resolutions and joining weight lifting classes wondering,  “How many calories am I burning?”.  If one were to ask us if we are doing the same, we would have to say, ‘Yes.’  We are definitely cramming…furniture in delivery trucks, old cabinetry for repurposing in garages, and lunch breaks between  fabric selections.  ‘Yes.’  We are definitely weight lifting.  Rugs need to be carried, unpackaged, and rolled out .  Fabric books need to be hung on the highest rack, and frames need to be hung over sofas.  So all in all L&M is off to a wonderful beginning of 2011.

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