War Eagle!

 In Fabrics

What an exciting season here in Auburn, Alabama!  We are more than thrilled to have our tigers take us all the way to a national championship!  War Eagle!  Taking a long weekend break, we were able to go to Arizona to cheer with thousands of our fellow Auburn fans as the tigers polish off the season with a crystal football that will be forever cherished in our small town.  What a perfect season!   And of course we, as interior designers, want to complement the Auburn fans who stayed here just to do a fabulous job on decorating our famous Toomer’s Tree!  Never before has it been this covered in Auburn love!

Just as Toomer’s Corner has been covered in it’s own beautiful drapery, our client’s windows are about to be adorned with their own beautiful drapery.  Drapery design is one of our most favorite aspects of being a part of L&M.  We love windows that give us a challenge of how we can polish it off.  There is just something we love about finishing a house with drapery.  MOST of the time we find that a window without drapery is like a cami without a cardigan.  You look and say to yourself, “Something is missing.”  Here are some of our quick sketches we used to hand off to the work room.  Now we are just waiting for the end product!

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