Lillian August

 In Furniture

Last week we had a rep drop by a catalog that we are in love with!   Not necessarily new, but Lillian August is definitely making her statement with her fabulous furniture.  We LOVE classic pieces of furniture!  There is nothing wrong with trend and there is nothing wrong with creative design.  In fact, it is pushed heavily more and more each day.  And don’t get us wrong, everyone should have the latest trend in boots, handbags, and accessories.  But let’s be honest.  Sometimes all you want is a good solid classic.  Something that will last in quality and style.  Something that in ten years down the road you will look at and say, “Each year I love it more and more.”  Sometimes you just want a room that you will never have to change… that only grows character with time.  We have given just the design to our client.  Thank you Lillian August, along with our other much loved furniture designers, for sticking with a classic line.

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