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As I have stated before, L&M is loving each one of our renovations.  And we want to keep you updated with each one!  This week we were busy working on several.  One is actually of a gorgeous older home that we renovated the second floor last year.  Now we are onto the first floor! 

The holidays have come and gone and it was a wonderful time for our clients to host their family.  But it was also a time where many realize whether or not their kitchen is large enough for everyone to help prepare meals and taste test the yummy food.  With that being said, we are moving the kitchen completely to a different area of the home to make ample room for next Thanksgiving!  After figuring out the kitchen layout, we moved on to renovating the living and guest to a master suite.  There wasn’t a master on the first floor previously and our client wanted to see how it would lay out if they were to ever want to relocate their adorable suite on the second floor to the first floor.  See how the preliminary design turned out!!!

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